All loan, leasing and fleet offers can be centrally calculated within the flexible Smart Calculation Engine

The challenges that accompany highly complex and extremely competitive environments can often be alleviated through your digital transformation adoption. Cloud solutions are rapidly evolving and becoming an essential part of one’s architecture requirements, regardless of industry. Our OneCore Smart Calculation Engine helps your organization to consolidate disparate calculations throughout your solutions, for management thereof within a centralized location. This approach provides you with a single view of the truth that can be consumed by any system and process throughout your organization.


Build on the best

Our robust an scalable API is used by world leading Financial Services organizations. The solution if completely customizable to suite your unique requirements. OneCore Smart Calculation engine delivers the ability to securely share and collaborate on multi-dimensional models not only from your core systems.

Low cost SAAS

Leveraging the cloud model, one can immediately reduce costs and improve profitability by only paying for what you consume. We deploy our Smart Calculation Engine to our trusted hosting provider, Microsoft Azure.

Seamles integration and fast deployment

You can integrate OneCore Smart Calculation Engine directly with ERP’s, CRM’s, relational databases and even Microsoft Excel, allowing you to securely share and collaborate on multi-dimensional models. The delay between model development and model deployment is reduced from weeks to hours.

OneCore Smart Calculation

Unbeatable calculation performance

The OneCore Smart Calculation Engine built on Microsoft Azure, makes leasing, loans, fleet and other financing product-modelling simple. Regardless of your organizational size and complexity, your business can now enjoy the cost-efficiencies introduced by a cloud-based solution, with no extensive investment in staff training or consulting services.

Speed and agility

Leverage the power of Microsoft Azure and with our multi-dimensional calculation engine for unbeatable performance and scalability.


Transparent and replicable financing model execution in a controlled environment to support the increased needs of governance and auditability.

Built to evolve

Building capacity to support today’s business needs, while being flexible to cope with tomorrow’s unknown demands  including process massive amounts of data with increased security and controls.

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      Companies in the financial industry usually use many calculations engines within their organizations. Those calculation engines are separated or part of different solutions like ERP, CRM etc. This very often cause issues with calculation integrity across the organization.


      OneCore Smart Calculation Engine with its easy web service-based integration and unbeatable performance can be one calculation engine for all your solutions. You can benefit from “one truth” results calculated one central calculation engine.


      Maintain multiple calculations engines in your organization cost you lot of money. You have a different type of cost from technical maintenance to software annual payments.


      Our fully cloud OneCore Smart Calculation engine save your money with “no maintenance” concept and all-in reliable price.

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